10 Complex Movies To Watch When You Want More From Life

7º – Shutter Island (Martin Scorsese, 2010)In the 1950s, a government official travels to an isolated psychiatric institution to investigate the disappearance of a patient from the site. Island of Fear’ is frightened by the density of the exposed content, nurturing a plot that changes with each outdated scene.


6º – Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick, 1999)A young doctor ends up entering a gloomy underworld of New York fetishism by mere chance, having his daily life completely changed and come to realize his life at risk because of it. Stanley Kubrick’s last film of his career, ‘With Eyes Wide Shut’, gives the viewer a traditional atmospheric suspense, with all the shine of the plot concentrated on its climate and on its phenomenal soundtrack.


5º – Images (Robert Altman, 1972)A woman tries to keep her life on track when she realizes that, little by little, she is losing contact with reality. Her relationship with her husband and romances from the past will appear before her, making it impossible for her to separate real things from hallucinations. Images’ is a masterpiece of the fantastic Robert Altman, bringing us a story that walks between drama and terror, with one of the most intense approaches to schizophrenia in cinema.


4º – The Sentinel (Michael Winner, 1977)A young woman is looking for a new apartment to live in. Counting on a limited budget, she discovers a small old condo that seems to be the solution to her problems, quickly moving to the place. The problem is that the place and its unusual neighbors will take away her peace and part of her sanity. The Sentinel of the Damned’ makes use of several of the elements of the classic ‘The Baby of Rosemary’, elevating an engaging story that can be frightened by the created atmosphere of mystery and strangeness. A great choice of the 1970s in the field of terror.

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