10 Complex Movies To Watch When You Want More From Life

3º – In the Tall Grass (Vincenzo Natali, 2019)Two brothers, after hearing a supposed request for help, are engendered in a large field of harvest, discovering a reality that is not pleasant in the place. Based on one of Stephen King’s works, ‘Field of Fear’ is a film of dignified terror, working with a dynamic story and a good deal of scare.


2º – Parasite (Bong Joon Ho, 2019)A family of unemployed people spends their free time exploring the region’s parks. However, an unexpected incident will completely change the course of its members. Belonging to the cinema of the fantastic Bong Joon Ho, ‘Parasite’ subverts the paths studied by the plot, leading the viewer through a truly unique experience. One of the great films of the decade.


1º – Doctor Sleep (Mike Flanagan, 2019)Serving as a sequel to ‘The Enlightened One’, this film brings Danny Torrance as an adult, starting a new mission trying to help a girl with powers similar to his own. ‘Doctor Sleep’ follows the same atmosphere of saga, bringing to the viewer a scary story that fascinates every outdated scene.