10 Absolutely Shocking Movies About Serial Killers

3º – The Hitcher (Robert Harmon, 1986)After escaping from an attempt to assassinate a man for whom he gave a ride, a young man ends up facing an insoluble ordeal when the man decides to pursue him, in order to consummate his desire to kill him. Frenetic, the work escapes the traditional of the genre for the time, basing its plot on unpleasant resolutions. Pearl of the great decade of 1980.


2º – Deep Red (Dario Argento, 1975)After witnessing a terrible murder, a pianist is persecuted by the murderer, seeing her life completely changed and in danger. A masterpiece by Dario Argento, ‘Prelude to Kill’ is impeccable, whether in its aesthetic construction or, properly, in history, besides bringing the traditional powerful soundtrack of Italian cinema.


1º – The Vanishing (George Sluizer, 1988)After his girlfriend disappears inexplicably from a gas station, a man finds himself completely obsessed with finding out what had happened to his partner. A sad suspense, based on the development of life to frighten the viewer, ‘The Silence of the Lake’ is a terrifying work about the strangest human motivations and the impossibility we have of overcoming certain facts of our history.