10 Absolutely Shocking Movies About Serial Killers

7º – The Chaser (Hongjin Na, 2008)After several prostitutes started disappearing without a trace, a pimp started a hunt after the women thinking, initially, that they were running away from him. However, as we advance on the plot, the man begins to realize that the disappearance of women hides much more sinister resolutions. The Hunter’ is one of the busiest suspense movies of the 21st century. Each minute of the film works by emitting an adrenaline rush on the steps of the main characters in the story, without ever losing the substance of a good investigative thriller.


6º – Cruising (William Friedkin, 1980)A police rookie accepts the mission of working undercover on a dangerous project after information about a serial killer who attacks gays. In the midst of this mission, the man will have problems in his private life due to the events of the investigation, starting to flirt with a psychological instability that can put everything to lose. Directed by William Friedkin, ‘Partners of the Night’ is a quality investigative suspense, exploring a plot with positive and negative sides, gaining in quality by the presence of Al Pacino in command of the central character.

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