10 Absolutely Shocking Movies About Serial Killers


5º – Jennifer Eight (Bruce Robinson, 1992)We will follow the journey of a policeman through a terrible serial killer who continues to make several victims. Jennifer 8′ is a thriller that can keep the spectator attached to the screen, with an agile and very atmospheric plot. A good option for those who like the investigative sub-genres and about serial killers.


4º – Thesis (Alejandro Amenábar, 1996)After learning of a supposed videotape containing a “snuff” content in her college, while doing research on violence, a student decides to investigate the case, only to discover things that, perhaps, she shouldn’t have touched, ‘Thesis’, in fact, fits more into the kind of suspense, with unfolding in her plot always guided by mystery and investigative sense, but some of her paths chosen by the script and direction in the final stretch make the film a quality terror.

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