10 Underrated Comedy Movies That You Gonna Love

We’ve brought ten great comedy films that use too much refined humor for the general public. They are works that take advantage of a more intelligent humor, working with various stories, such as life in a small American city, the friendship relationship of two friends, the troubled teenage school life and so on. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – Parents (Bob Balaban, 1989)With the 1950s as a backdrop, the plot brings the daily life of a common family, composed of the couple and a child in the late childhood, inserted into a peaceful suburban reality of the United States. The film gains its dynamism when the strange habits of his parents begin to leave the boy paranoid, making him doubt the real identity of the two. Incredible in all its aspects, this film, little known and appreciated, is a delight to the film lover who is looking for something different in the seventh art. A film that walks between the genres of comedy, suspense and terror in a unique way, working to fascinate each scene transposed. Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt’s great performances in front of the protagonists are still worth highlighting.

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