10 Underrated Comedy Movies That You Gonna Love


9º – True Stories (David Byrne, 1986)Life in a small town in Texas is studied by the film, bringing the social relationships of its residents and the strange way in which they deal with everyday situations. David Birner’s experience in cinema as a director, ‘Real Stories’ is a good option from the 1980s, with a big tangle of interesting characters and the pulsating figure of that small town.


8º – Career Girls (Mike Leigh, 1997)In the plot, two friends meet again after several years, remembering, together, several of the most important fragments of the past. Belonging to Mike Leigh’s cinema, ‘Simply Friends’ has a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere for its scene unleashing, bringing the lives of two women who have to deal with the arrival of 30 years old.

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