10 TV Shows To Watch That Gonna Make You Cry of Laughter


2º – Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-)Larry David, a successful comedian, has a fictional series about his private life. With each episode we will be introduced to David’s crazy, his everyday life always stressful for the silliest reasons and his unique way of leaving everyone around him in a complete state of nerves. A comedy series of the highest quality in the history of television, with a humor that ends up being based on everyday situations.


1º – Seinfeld (1989-1998)A comedian and his crazy friends go through the most common situations of our daily life. The drama of having to wait to sit at the table in a Chinese restaurant, the somewhat disproportionate nose of his girlfriend, the unsafe installation of an air conditioner, getting lost in a shopping mall looking for your car and so on. Finally, there are several common situations that we see each episode being studied in a hilarious way. Seinfeld’ is unique. A series about nothingness, but that ends up approaching a little bit of everything in the life of the common man.