10 Spine-Chilling Road-Horror Movies

7º – Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino, 2007)Separated into two different stories about an experienced psychopathic stunt driver, the film, first, shows a perverse act of him against a group of young people with his car, and, in the second, brings the revenge of a group of women against him after another one of his madness.  Belonging to Quentin Tarantino’s cinema, ‘Death Proof’ combines terror, suspense and action in an unretouchable way, bringing the spectator an exciting road movie to each scene, with classic moments that are recorded in our heads. Of course, the film would lose a lot of its charm if we didn’t have the incredible performance of Kurt Russell as protagonist, achieving one of the great interpretations of his enormous filmography.


6º – Jeepers Creepers (Victor Salva, 2001)A couple of brothers are in the middle of a road to return to the house where they live. In the middle of the road, the young people witness a strange individual carrying something in an abandoned house, suspecting that there was, in fact, a body there. The plot gains strength when the two decide to investigate what happened, going into a situation much more dark than the worst they ever saw for it. ‘Jeepers Creepers’ is a pleasant surprise from the horror of the beginning of the 21st century. Its schizophrenic plot has an effect, taking the viewer to a story with countless twists and turns and an intermittent sense of adventure.


5º – Breakdown (Jonathan Mostow, 1997)After his wife mysteriously disappears after hitchhiking, a man will travel through every meander in a small town in search of his wife. Dividing between the genres of action and suspense, the film manages to bring us a dynamic story, with some characteristic exaggerations, of course, that still has the presence of Kurt Russell in front of the central character giving more weight to the work. A good option for those who love road movies of suspense.


4º – The Hitcher (Robert Harmon, 1986)After escaping from an attempt to assassinate a man for whom he gave a ride, a young man ends up facing an insoluble ordeal when the man decides to pursue him, in order to consummate his desire to kill him. Frenetic, the work escapes the traditional of the genre for the time, basing its plot on unpleasant resolutions. Pearl of the great decade of 1980.

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