10 Spine-Chilling Road-Horror Movies

Today the theme of this list will be road movies with chilling suspense. Below are films that happen on major roads, bringing in their plots characters wrapped in terrifying situations, such as, for example, persecutions, deadly serial killers, criminal escapes, mysteries about disappearances and even teenagers chased by entities about natural. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Duel (Steven Spielberg, 1971)In his first film of greatest notoriety, directed for television, Steven Spielberg presents us with a plot about an inexorable persecution between an ordinary man in a normal vehicle and an insane truck driver. Frenzied from beginning to end, ‘Duel’, even if he is made on a very limited budget, succeeds in impressing with his beautiful pursuits and always dynamic scene compositions.


9º – Road Games (Richard Franklin, 1981)A middle-aged truck driver suspects he knows the identity of a serial killer who is terrorizing car drivers in his city. The film gains its substance when this truck driver decides to give a young girl a ride and ends up entering a game of cat and mouse with the one who thinks he is the killer. Dynamic Road Movie from the first to the last scene, ‘Road Games’, different from what is common in the horror genre, works with a warm atmosphere for the unfolding of his story, letting his scenes develop in the sunlight. In spite of the script’s many pitfalls, this film still manages to provide the spectator with a great experience. Another positive point of this film is the presence of Jamie Lee Curtis as a supporting actor.


8º – The Getaway (Sam Peckinpah, 1972)An arrested criminal, a specialist in bank robberies, decides to ask for the help of a city boss to get out of jail and stay with his wife. After getting out of jail, the man will have to pay a favor to the man who released him, having to head a new bank robbery. ‘The Getaway’ mixes action and suspense to the right measure, using an almost unretouchable plot, memorable performances, especially that of the legendary Steve McQueen, and always surprising resolutions for the most diverse conflicts that have arisen on the scene.

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