10 Movies With Evil Characters You Need To Watch

This list features films with amoral and unscrupulous characters. A proposal is list them in the action and actions to corrupt all you to your social round and personal actions, acting on the contrary, social that act for account these individuals act in this erratic way.


10º – Nightcrawler (Dan Gilroy, 2014) – Louis BloomGetting eagerly for a job, a man ends up discovering a life as an amateur cameraman, earning money, and a great pleasure in always capturing the best images. Investigating the different incongruities presented in his human behavior, ‘Nightcrawler’ uncovers the life of a man who does not measure efforts, even if they are morally and legally condemned by their social scope, to achieve what they want.

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9º – Strangers on a Train (Alfred Hitchcock, 1951) – Bruno AntonyThe film follows in the footsteps of two men who, apparently, find themselves by chance on a train. In a random conversation, one of them proposes a strange pact, supposedly joking, where one killer is an uncomfortable person in the other’s life. When that man decides to take an idea, it is uneven in the diverse possibilities of several people. Bruno Antony, the character who gives life to this bizarre idea, is one of the most iconic characters in Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography, showing a spectator of a completely unbalanced body, flirting with madness, initiating a process of inexorable destruction of the life of all around you.

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