10 Movies With Amazing Plot Twists

This list brings the proposal of citing films that work in their plots with plot twists. Below, we seek to include some of the most significant works on the subject, trying to catch the most diverse genres, such as horror, suspense, drama and comedy, as well as always bring top quality movies. Let’s go to the list!


10º – The Others (Alejandro Amenábar, 2001)A family with strange habits has its routine changed after making sure that the house where they live is inhabited by ghosts. ‘The Others’ is a typical atmospheric terror, leaving all the sullen load emanating from the viewer to work the climate that permeates the scenes. Psychological terror is also latent, increasing the emotional load that the film requires. The insertion of this film in this list is due to its daring end, that works by deconstructing all the pillars of its history.


9º – Jacob’s Ladder (Adrian Lyne, 1990)A veteran of the Vietnam War has to deal with past traumas, in addition to having to walk between hallucinations and reality in his present. Pearl of the 1990s, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, like the movie above, prizes for the transposition of an atmospheric aura to its viewer, building scary scenes of terror. The film has several points with twists, ensuring its inclusion in this list.

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