10 Movies To Watch if You Like Twin Peaks

3º – The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky, 2006)The film shows the search of a scientist for the cure of his wife who is dying of cancer. ‘The Fountain’ is a difficult work, always opting for exits that completely escape the basic conceptions of cinema, promoting a plot with sad and happy fragments that constantly change. A great film by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky.


2º – Naked Lunch (David Cronenberg, 1991)Strange in all its ways, the film works in its plot with the trajectory of an exterminator of insects who gets involved, by mere chance, in a great conspiracy that can cost his life. ‘Naked Lunch’ is the most peculiar work of David Cronenberg’s already unique cinema, nourishing positive and negative points, certainly worth watching.


1º – Cam (Daniel Goldhaber, 2018)In the plot, a girl who work as model on internet, obsessed with growing in popularity in her profession, has her life completely changed when a person exactly like her starts to assume her identity on the internet. Little by little losing all the life she had built, the girl starts to investigate more about the reason for all that, only discovering that the truth was perhaps heavier than she thought. ‘Cam’ delivers an atmosphere of madness and unique strangeness to the spectator, leading us through an uncomfortable plot about the current social paths in the midst of the inexorable advance of technology.