10 Movies To Watch if You Like Twin Peaks

7º – The Invitation (Karyn Kusama, 2015)In the plot, a man decides to attend a dinner given by his ex-wife after receiving his invitation. However, in the middle of dinner and parallel conversations, strange events begin to erupt on the spot, leaving the man in doubt about what is really happening there. A unique thriller, ‘The Invitation’ attracts at the same time as it frightens its spectators, bringing surprising and undisturbed resolutions.


6º – Coherence (James Ward Byrkit, 2013)A group of friends meets for an ordinary dinner. However, strange events begin to happen with the people wrapped in that house, leaving everyone confused and not knowing if that is, in fact, the reality. ‘Coherence’ is that movie you watch when you’re surprised at every scene exposed. Your plot is quite complicated, but not impossible to understand at your first screening. A fact that makes the experience more pleasant for the spectator.

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