10 Movies To Learn About the Difficulties of Life

We list below films that work on their plots with the uncertainties of life. They are films that belong to the genres of drama and comedy, always cherishing works that use the theme of this list as an indispensable source for the paths of history. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Big Jato (Cláudio Assis, 2016)The film bears the story of a teenager wrapped in an unpleasant reality of a small town. ‘Big Jato’ works on the doubts present in adolescence, as well as a destructive compendium that is inserted in the Brazilian reality. A great movie in all your aspects.


9º – Career Girls (Mike Leigh, 1997)Two women meet after a long time. Together, the two will relive memories of the past and discuss current events such as love relationships and their professional realities. Belonging to the great cinema of Mike Leigh, this film investigates the doubts present already in the adult phase of the human being, pondering between the rite of passage between the ingenuity and the arrival of the responsibilities.

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