10 Movies Directed by Legends You’ve Probably Never Seen

3º – The Ninth Gate (Roman Polanski, 1999)A collector and detective of extremely rare books comes across several problems when he is hired to find lost copies of demonic texts. Directed by the fantastic Roman Polanski, ‘The Ninth Gate’ stands out for its unique mystery atmosphere, which provides the spectator with a suspense of first quality.


2º – Blackmail (Alfred Hitchcock, 1929)We will enter a cruel game of deception between several characters after one of them has killed a man while defending himself. Belonging to Alfred Hitchcock’s early career period, ‘Blackmail’ presents a dynamic pattern to the viewer from beginning to end, elevating an engaging story that works by surprising with the tortuous paths of all the characters studied.


1º – September (Woody Allen, 1987)In a country house in Vermont, we will insert ourselves into a tangle of unrequited love relationships, explaining the erratic behaviour of each individual present in the place. Committed cast, concise plot and its short duration make ‘September’ a comprehensive and unique film, working with several distinct characters. Good option inside Woody Allen’s filmography.