10 Movies About Madness

6º – The Vanishing (George Sluizer, 1988)

When his girlfriend disappears mysteriously from a gas station, Rex begins a venture through the years to find out the whereabouts of the woman. In the midst of this obsessive search, Rex ends up isolating himself from everything, his psychological apparatus deteriorates and man finds himself unable to build new relationships. The film does not have a heavy graphic content or, at least, it is inserted in the popular suspensions of the time, but it can frighten by the power of resolutions and motivations.

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5º – The Sword of Doom (Kihachi Okamoto, 1966)

A psychopathic samurai undertakes a reign of madness over any place that passes by, losing, with each murder, contact with reality and being haunted by his crimes of the past. We will see here how nothing stands under the shadows and every act performed has a consequence. And here, in Kihachi Okamoto’s classic, this ends up declaring the decline of the samurai.

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