10 Most Astonishing Horror Movies to Watch


5º – Don’t Look Now (Nicolas Roeg, 1973)After the tragic death of their young daughter, a couple intend to deal with the grieving process on a trip to Venice. However, as the couple’s time progresses in the city, strange events begin to happen, linking the recent tragic event of their lives with terrifying new elements. ‘Dont’t Look Now’ is clever in its proposal, working with a plot that frightens by delivering fragments to the spectator in a dosed form. Another crucial point for the success of the film is the beautiful atmosphere that director Nicolas Roeg manages to create, leaving everything more gloomy and rustic, being scary by itself.


4º – Possession (Andrzej Zulawski, 1981)The film explores the degenerative compendium of a couple’s life, bringing the process of rustic separation faced by its components. Disturbing, ‘Possession’ manages to expose in a different way the tragic compendium that a relationship can have, just as it works by elevating a cruel vision on how love appears in some individuals. A film to be watched with a certain caution, given its extreme graphic content.

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