10 Life-Changing Movies To Watch When You’re In Love


2º – Can’t Buy Me Love (Steve Rash, 1987)An unpopular teenager decides to pay for the most beautiful and influential girl in school to pretend to be his girlfriend. Together, the two will go through the most diverse confusions, discovering that the old social titles they were known for may not have been correct. A romantic comedy emblematic of the 1980’s, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ manages to be fun, exposing very simple constructions of scenes and history, valuing more for the inherent charm of that time that, naturally, works.


1º – Some Kind of Wonderful (Howard Deutch, 1987)Keith Nelson is in love with the most popular girl in school. After months and months of being snobbed, Keith has the brilliant idea to invite the girl to a date. The big problem in the story is Keith’s best friend, the unpopular Watts, who has a secret passion for him. The film gains all of its substance by bringing out the intricacies that comprise this unlikely and different love triangle. Scripted by the unforgettable John Hughes, ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ brings all that magical atmosphere characteristic of the filmmaker’s filmography, nurturing a very cool story about the passions of adolescence, good direction and a dedicated cast. A pearl that is today less appreciated in Hughes’ career.