10 Greatest Robert Pattinson Movies

4º – Maps to the Stars (David Cronenberg, 2014)Providing an almost “voyeur” viewer’s glance at the compendium that comprises a small area of the film industry, David Cronenberg delivers an average work that fails in its lack of ambition. The film will work with the superficiality of human contact in some of its ramifications, it will dispense with the traditional pleasant atmosphere that the director always makes possible in his filmography and will show a cast permeated with heavy names.


3º – The Lighthouse (Robert Eggers, 2019)Two men who take care of an isolated lighthouse spend extreme moments on the spot, awakening a series of events that challenge human understanding. Simply fabulous terror, ‘The Lighthouse’ escapes the common sense of the horror genre, using the figure of madness and isolation as driving forces for everything we see hatching on screen. A film that borders on the nickname of a masterpiece.

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