10 Greatest Robert Pattinson Movies


2º – Remember Me (Allen Coulter, 2010)Two young men, both marked by recent tragedies, end up getting to know each other and forming a beautiful romantic bond. ‘Remember Me’ is a good option for the romance genre. Everything in the film works, in a beautiful story that shows the adaptive power contained in the human being. Without a doubt a film to see and get emotional.


1º – Good Time (Benny Safdie, 2017)A man decides to rob a bank and take his brother with psychological problems to help him. The problem is that the robbery goes wrong and that man’s brother is captured by the police. The film gains all of its dynamism by showing the man’s unbridled search to escape the police and raise money to help his brother in prison, all for a single night. Frenetic from start to finish, ‘Good Time’ is a great film, with a agile plot and an apparatus of scenes that stay in the viewers’ heads for several days. Still worth mentioning is the great performance of actor Robert Pattinson in charge of the film.