10 Great Futuristic Movies You Need To Watch

In this Top 10, we list ten great movies that start from a futuristic theme to rule their stories. Below, we included films that use the figure of the future to employ a particular proposal, such as the superficiality of social relations, the real freedom of human acts in the world and the technologies being used to bring pleasure and comfort to the individual. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Bicentennial Man (Chris Columbus, 1999)Scorned in the great filmography of director Chris Columbus, ‘Bicentennial Man’ is, in fact, a good movie. Here, we will see the journey of a robot through the years, showing all kinds of social exchange around it. A simple and light film, with the presence of Robin Williams in charge of the story.


9º – Her (Spike Jonze, 2013)In the near future, where social relations become increasingly fragile, a solitary writer finds in the voice of a robot from an operating system the strength to escape the superficiality of his life. ‘Her’ has a unique atmosphere, playing with a game of pleasing colors and raising relevant elements of the future found in the plot.

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