10 Essential Michael Haneke Movies You Must See Before Die

Undoubtedly, the most powerful name when we talk about a visceral cinema about existence, the Austrian Michael Haneke is a genius of the seventh art. His films, which start from a powerful premise that makes no concessions to the viewer by explaining the meanders of his plots, are a study of the human being and his performance on the world. Below is the best Haneke has in his filmography, with hard works that provoke a sensation of reevaluation of the world in the spectator at its end. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Code Unknown (Michael Haneke, 2000)In the plot, we will see countless fragments of the lives of different characters, having as their only connection an incident related to social prejudice. Belonging to the visceral cinema of the Austrian Michael Haneke, ‘Code Unknown’ offers us a study about the pathological meanders that permeate the model of a modern western society to behave. A hard film, as well as the whole spectacular filmography of the director, that tells us about a world affected by an inexorable degenerative process.


9º – Time of the Wolf (Michael Haneke, 2003)The film brings us the story of Anne (Isabelle Huppert) and her two children in a desperate struggle for survival when they discover that the world as they knew it no longer exists. We have here a post-apocalyptic film that brings to the screen how flexible human behavior is in a destructive scale when exposed to situations of adversity. As is traditional in Michael Haneke’s cinema, ‘Time of the Wolf’ is characterized by its hard, rustic and extremely disturbing nature.


8º – Benny’s Video (Michael Haneke, 1992)It is impressive to see how far ahead Michael Haneke was of his time, making a film in 1992 about the impact of technological advancement on the way society consummated its relationship with the world. Here what shocks the viewer is the cruelty and coldness of the execution of the heaviest scenes. And, as if impacting scenes were not enough in its scenic construction, we still have the recurrent execution of a video where there is a real reduction of an animal.

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