10 Best Movies for Nursing Students

3º – Magnolia (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1999)In the plot, we will have the lives of several different characters being disintegrated, evidencing the erratic ties that touch the journeys of each one. ‘Magnolia’ gives us an outline of the way a society governs its almost always pathological daily life, presenting us with individuals who represent every single most obvious element of this arc. True masterpiece of cinema.


2º – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Milos Forman, 1975)Trying to escape from prison, a man claims insanity and will stop at a psychiatric institution. There, he will learn more about himself, will realize that his stay in the place would be more difficult than he thought and will alter the daily life of the other patients. Here, Jack Nicholson has the performance of his life in command of the central character, as well as one of the best ever seen in the seventh art.


1º – Awakenings (Penny Marshall, 1990)A new doctor is assigned to administer a ward with patients in a catatonic state in a psychiatric institution. Unhappy with what happens in the place, the new doctor changes the empty routines of those patients and starts a private search on the case that will change everyone’s path. ‘Awakenings’ nurtures an optimistic atmosphere about life in its setting off of scenes, taking advantage of the unique partnership between Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.