10 Best Movies for Nursing Students


5º – The Dream Team (Howard Zieff, 1989)In the plot, some patients of a psychiatric institution end up fleeing in a tour destined to a baseball stadium, leaving the one responsible for them completely paranoid. Comedy nowadays forgotten, ‘The Dream Team’ has a light plot that can amuse. However, the film ends up paying off even for its cast with good names, such as Michael Keaton and Christopher Lloyd.


4º – I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (Oz Perkins, 2016)A nurse accepts a job at a home away from town to take care of a writer of old horror books. Instead, the nurse will gradually begin to find links between a writer’s work and strange events that permeate the house, questioning the meaning of it all. ‘I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House’ is a more skirmished horror film, opting for better-crafted outputs, giving the viewer a steady, slow pace. A good choice for those who want to explore a different strand of the horror genre.

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