10 Amazing Steve Buscemi Movies


6º – Trees Lounge (Steve Buscemi, 1996)In the plot, an unemployed man spends almost all his time in a bar and hanging around the small town where he lives, thinking about the instances that understand his life and his current situation. Directed, scripted and led by the great Steve Buscemi, ‘Ponto de Encontro’ is an unpretentious work that studies the most basic social bonds found in a traditional society, also showing how small elements of our daily lives are essential for a quality life.


5º – Con Air (Simon West, 1997)A plane full of prisoners is hijacked, making the place a real chaos. ‘Con Air’ is frantic from beginning to end, nurturing an interesting plot that can entertain without being noticed as forced. A good option from the action cinema of the late 1990s.

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