10 Shocking Movies About the Bad Side of Greed and Money

7º – Gilda (Charles Vidor, 1946)After having his life saved by a casino owner, a crook has the opportunity to work as a local manager. However, after a strange bond of friendship is formed between the two, an attractive woman will stand in their way, forming a deadly love triangle. ‘Gilda’, a masterpiece noir of the 1940s, works with an unretouchable plot, exposing buildings of characters that fascinate and conclusions always exacerbated. In charge of the central character, Glenn Ford has a striking performance. However, the highlight of the film goes to the performance of Rita Hayworth, embodying one of the most emblematic “femme fatales” in the history of cinema. Behind the scenes there is a story that Humphrey Bogart would have rejected the character played by Ford, claiming that any actor who stood next to Rita would be completely overwhelmed by her talent and beauty.


6º – Bound (The Wachowski Brothers, 1996)Two lovers plan to steal an exorbitant amount from the mafia that is with a companion of one of them. However, things get out of hand and the plan succumbs. Now it is up to both of them to escape the consequences of their actions. Limited by just one apartment as an environment to trigger scenes, the film brings a mysterious plot that completely captures the spectator’s attention, making it stand out as a unique suspense.


5º – Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995)The film investigates the lives of two friends, a casino manager and the other member of the mafia, showing all the destructive compendium that comprises the journey of both in the world. Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, ‘Casino’ is untouchable, using its 178 minutes of duration to dismember every nuance about the life of its characters.


4º – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (John Huston, 1948)The film follows the paranoid search of some men for a supposed place where there would be a great amount of gold, gaining its substance exactly by unraveling the psychological decline of each character in this lost journey. Belonging to John Huston’s cinema, ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ works with the most negative layer of the human species, showing how the figure of money can corrupt the essence of a person. Of course, the impeccable performance of legendary Humphrey Bogart stands out.

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