10 Movies About the Friendzone

7º – Legal Eagles (Ivan Reitman, 1986)A lawyer receives the mission to defend an attractive young woman, coming to feel completely attracted to her. The film gains its dynamicity when a rival lawyer enters his life, initiating a love triangle. Merging comedy, suspense and action, “Legal Eagles” is a film that elevates the most basic concepts of the 1980s cinema, reaching its highest quality sphere in its cast, with the presence of Robert Redford, Debra Winger and Daryl Hannah.


6º – Walk the Line (James Mangold, 2005)Based on the life of Johnny Cash, the film brings the exacerbated journey of one of the greatest names in music in the twentieth century, studying its self-destructive behavioral model and its relationships. ‘Walk the Line’ is one of the nicest biographies of the seventh art, with an engaging story that stays true to the facts. Its inclusion in this list is due to the romance lived between the central personage and another singer, capturing the beginning of a great friendship until the moment in which both fall in love and form a life together.

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