10 Movies Every Woman Should See Before She’s 40

7º – Stepmom (Chris Columbus, 1998)The story follows the nuances between two children and their new stepmother. We will see a whole tangle of situations emerge from the troubled relationship between them, having as an active part of the story the mother of the children, a woman opposed to the presence of the stepmother in the lives of their children. ‘Stepmom’ is simple, exposing a plot with the traditional outcomes and clichés. However, the film stands out for the presence of Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, who give a completely different dynamic to what is proposed.


6º – Kramer Vs. Kramer (Robert Benton, 1979)A couple gets divorced and has to deal with custody issues with their small child. ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ takes advantage of a light atmosphere to deal with an uncomfortable topic, highlighting the consequences of a divorce on a child’s life.


5º – Husbands and Wives (Woody Allen, 1992)After discovering that a couple of close friends are separating, Gabe and Judy, individuals in a relationship (apparently living in a perfect marriage), begin to glimpse problems in their own daily lives, coming to question themselves about their future paths.


4º – Rabbit Hole (John Cameron Mitchell, 2010)A couple tries to reconnect with the things in life after their son dies in an accident. Nurturing a melancholic aura to the story’s unfolding, ‘Rabbit Hole’ is rustic and sad in its scenes, not mitigating the unpleasant compendium of the central characters. Nicole Kidman takes charge of the film, giving the spectator an intense and moving performance.

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