10 Movies About Mental Health That Everybody Should Watch

7º – The Fire Within (Louis Malle, 1963)We will follow small fragments of the day-to-day life of a man who has just left a recovery clinic for alcohol addicts, seeing how melancholy is how he acts on the world. Sad, ‘The Fire Within’ exposes the destructive consequences that certain addictions have on the psychological siege of a person, bringing the figure of depression that walks alongside the central character.


6º – Christine (Antonio Campos, 2016)Based on a real event, the film bears the story of a television reporter from a small town, exposing the woman’s lonely life and her incessant quest to step up in her career. The film gains its substance when the woman begins to lose the contact with the reality, undertaking, more and more, a self-destructive behavior in relation to its social environment. ‘Christine’ works with a character inserted in an inexorable stage of depression, contrasting, also, a possible Borderline Personality Disorder, bringing all the sad degenerative aspect in her. An extremely disturbing film, not being recommended for times of emotional instability because of its heavy conceptual content.

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