10 Mind-Bending Movies That Are Worth Your Time

3º – Mr. Nobody (Jaco Van Dormael, 2009)Fragmented into various realities and chronologies, the film shows a boy’s life after a decisive event that will shape his entire future. Mr. Nobody uses a poetic atmosphere to tell his story, always working to confuse those who watch with the various nuances of each scene.


2º – The Gift (Joel Edgerton, 2015)In the plot, a couple receives the unexpected visit of a man who had been friends with one of them for a long time. However, the strange man begins, little by little, to bother the couple, putting in doubt their motivations before them. ‘The Gift’ uses a few scenarios to govern the events of their story. Here, everything is guided under a climate of mystery that is kept until the final moments of the film, letting the viewer formulate theories about what he is seeing on screen.


1º – Lost Highway (David Lynch, 1997)A strange encounter at a party with a bizarre figure will trigger a series of averse consequences in a man’s life. The film also separates his plot into two fragments, starting with the exposure of some characters and, soon after, giving a new clothing to these characters and the tangle of situations. As confusing as his premise, ‘Lost Road’ makes it difficult for the viewer to reach any kind of credible conclusion about what he or she is watching.