10 Great Movies With the Worst Friends Ever


9º – The Gift (Joel Edgerton, 2015)In the plot, a couple receives the unexpected visit of a man who had been friends with one of them for a long time. However, the strange man begins, little by little, to annoy the couple, placing in doubt their motivations in front of them. ‘The Gift’ uses few scenarios to govern the events of their story. Here, everything is guided under a climate of mystery that is kept until the final moments of the film, letting the viewer formulate theories about what they are seeing on screen.


8º – Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995)The film investigates the lives of two friends, a casino manager and the other member of the mafia, showing all the destructive compendium that comprises the journey of both in the world. Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, ‘Casino’ is undisturbable, using its 178-minute duration to dismember every nuance about the life of its characters.

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