10 Essential Movies of Paul Giamatti

8º – Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg, 2012)Frantic in all its unevenness, ‘Cosmopolis’ introduces us to the life of a successful young man, in the midst of a futuristic world with a pessimistic aura, on his journey through a day to cut his hair. We are introduced to any form of social exchange of the individual, learning a little about the exacerbated form of that society of ruling life. Notable as one of the weaker films of David Cronenberg’s career, we can highlight this work, solely, by its great conjunction of great actors in the cast, including Paul Giamatti.


7º – The Illusionist (Neil Burger, 2006)Focused on Eisenheim’s life, a magical respect for Vienna, the film rules his plot in the game of deceptions that arose after the man fell in love with the wrong woman. Dynamic, ‘The Illusionist’ is a good choice of the genre. Here, Paul Giamatti plays a fundamental character for the development of the story, giving the film a positive performance.


6º – 12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen, 2013)In 1841, a free black man is kidnapped and forced to become a slave. The film will spend its 134 minutes of duration unraveling the cruel day to day of the man in his attempt to regain freedom. ’12 Years a Slave ‘is permeated with fantastic performances, and Paul Giamatti, even characterizing a more discreet character for the plot, becomes productive.


5º – Cold Souls (Sophie Barthes, 2009)The plot of the film transcends the traditional ways, exposing the struggle of a man for the recovery of his soul. ‘Cold Souls’ has an exaggerated story, trying to attract the viewer by its strangeness. Here, Paul Giamatti takes over the film, delivering a concise performance and serving as the main attraction for the work.

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