10 Essential Movies of Paul Giamatti

Owner of a huge filmography, having performed in more than 100 productions, Paul Giamatti is noted for his unique style, always based on a sense of melancholy and paranoia inherent to his personality on canvas. Giamatti ruled his opportunities in the seventh art, in most cases, in secondary roles, serving as a point of support for the plot to develop. However, in the times in which he obtained the opportunity to command a work, he did it in a masterly way.


10º – Win Win (Tom McCarthy, 2011)A middle-aged man, with a crippling career as a lawyer and wrestling coach in high school, has his life altered when a misfit young man is placed under his tutelage. Exposing the tangled paths by the simple chance that life can take, the film presents an optimistic vision about the human being and his behavior in the world. Here, Giamatti has the opportunity to command the work, providing the viewer with a consistent performance.


9º – Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg, 1998)Following in the footsteps of an American platoon in the midst of World War II, the film has as its central point to unravel the battle of these men by the simple possibility of surviving. Paul Giamatti, again, does not have a necessarily important role for the development of the film, but ends up even highlighting the limitations of his character.

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