10 Bad Oscar Winning Movies That Prove Academy Truly Make Mistakes


9º – Out of Africa (Sydney Pollack, 1985)The film brings the romance between two very different individuals, with the African continent as the setting. ‘Out of Africa’ is an interesting film exactly for bringing Robert Redford and Meryl Streep as protagonists, since the average script cannot give much density to what we are following.


8º – Harry and the Hendersons (William Dear, 1987)On a holiday trip, a family accidentally runs over the big foot. Believing that the animal is dead, the family’s father decides to take that discovery home. However, all members of the family will be surprised when they discover that the animal is not dead. A pleasant comedy from the late 1980s, ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ amuses himself for his lack of pretense, raising simple scenes that always seek the easiest exits.

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