10 Awesome Movies That Gonna Make You Say What the Heck is Going On

7º – Enter the Void (Gaspar Noé, 2009)Nurturing an experimental aura for the unfolding of its plot, this film presents small fragments of a young man’s life before and after an extreme event. Innovative in its aesthetic conception, ‘Enter the Void’, as well as all the filmography of the great Gaspar Noé, works to make the viewer uncomfortable, with strange and disorienting shots. However, everything in the work has a meaning, be it collective or subjective, leading us to a unique and, certainly, unforgettable experience.


6º – Lost Highway (David Lynch, 1997)A strange encounter at a party with a bizarre figure will trigger a series of aversive consequences in the life of a man. The film still separates its plot into two fragments, starting with the exhibition of some characters and, shortly after, giving these characters a new look and a compendium of situations. As confusing as its premise, ‘Lost Highway’ makes it difficult for the viewer to draw any truthful conclusions about what he or she is watching.


5º – Uncut Gems (Benny Safdie, 2019)An average middle-aged man decides to go looking for one last chance to earn a lot of money, getting involved in a situation that will challenge his adaptive power in the midst of difficulties. Hard, frenetic and always surprising, this film brings a simply fascinating story, exposing the most diverse forms of life found in apparently ordinary individuals. Still worth mentioning is Adam Sandler’s great performance as protagonist.


4º – Simple Simon (Andreas Öhman, 2010)A young man with asperger syndrome decides to try to find a girlfriend for his brother to restore order to his “world”, since he was responsible for his old girlfriend breaking up with him. ‘Simple Simon’ is an intelligent and sensitive comedy, working with an engaging theme that manages to be quite assertive.

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