10 Awesome Movies That Gonna Make You Say What the Heck is Going On

3º – The Stepfather (Joseph Ruben, 1987)A widow and her teenage daughter seem to have found the perfect husband/father in the figure of a pleasant man. However, this man may not be exactly who he claims and his past hides dark and truly terrifying secrets. Incredible from beginning to end, ‘The Stepfather’ is a horror film that escapes the commonplace in the 1980s, with a plot that brings the villain as the central character in all the development of the story, construction of scenes that are always unique and that manage to involve the viewer and, of course, the unthinkable performance of Terry O’Quinn as the terrible psychopath of the film. A pearl of the horror of the 1980s.


2º – Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly, 2001)An adolescent suffers from constant visions of a creature that gives him destructive coordinates about his existence in the world, leaving him unable to distinguish reality from hallucinations. ‘Donnie Darko’ uses an obscure atmosphere to give rhythm to the compendium of scenes and their story, making it a great option for those who want a challenging film.


1º – The Tenant (Roman Polanski, 1976)A man decides to rent an apartment in Paris. Little by little, the man begins to lose touch with reality inside the apartment, entering a self-destructive paranoid routine. ‘The Tenant’ is directed and starred by the legendary Roman Polanski, bringing a rustic story, bothering the viewer at some moments by the density of what is shown, destroying the degenerative process of a man.