10 Awesome James Woods Movies

7º – The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola, 1999)In the plot, a group of teenagers find themselves completely obsessed with some of the neighborhood sisters who live under an insurmountable conceptual dome. The film gains its substance precisely by exploring the daily lives of the teenagers and the sisters in the midst of the American scenario of the 1970’s. ‘The Virgin Suicides’ is a film involving from the first to the last scene, using the figure of human curiosity to give weight to their tangle of situations.


6º – Against All Odds (Taylor Hackford, 1984)In the plot, a powerful criminal hires a former football player to find his girlfriend who ran away. The problem is that when the hired man finds that boyfriend, they both end up falling in love. Now we will see the journey of the two and the criminal, each in search of a certain goal. ‘Against all Odds’ mixes suspense and action in a good dose, bringing an interesting plot, but with some small problems, without, however, compromising the good dynamism of the work. Highlights include the presence of Jeff Bridges, James Woods and Rachel Ward in command of the story’s central characters.


5º – Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995)The film investigates the lives of two friends, a casino manager and the other member of the mafia, showing all the destructive compendium that comprises the journey of both in the world. Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, ‘Casino’ is undisturbable, using its 178-minute duration to dismember every nuance about the life of its characters.


4º – Vampires (John Carpenter, 1998)A completely obsessed vampire hunter starts a war against a new and powerful enemy after he eliminates much of his team. Part of John Carpenter’s cinema, ‘Vampires’ is a different and very pleasant action film, making use of a frenetic rhythm, well constructed scenes is a great performance by James Woods as a protagonist.

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