10 Spine-Chilling Movies That Will Rock Your Faith in World

We list extremely disturbing movies that you may not know about. They are works that work with different genres and concepts, bringing stories like destructive friendships, supernatural apparitions, amusement park with bizarre creatures, the cruel power of chance and, still, a necessary conversation about mental illness. All movies are great and necessary to any moviegoer, but the caution when watching each one will always be useful. Let’s go to the list!


10º – La Cérémonie (Claude Chabrol, 1995)A wealthy family from a small French province decides to hire a new maid, soon finding the person they wanted. The problem is that the new maid ends up making friends with an employee envious of the post office, starting something that can be extremely harmful to that family. Claude Chabrol’s masterpiece, ‘La Cérémonie’ uses a plot that moves in a cadenciada way to give weight to the most powerful scenes of the film, noting as disturbing by its heavy conceptual and socially relevant content.


9º – Angel Heart (Alan Parker, 1987)In the plot, a private detective is hired by a rich and mysterious man to locate a missing singer. Amid this search for the singer, the detective will experience strange events, putting at risk his sanity, as well as his life. Precious atmospheric horror of the 1980s, ‘Angel Heart’ has disturbing graphic and conceptual content, drawing on a story that manages to engage the viewer at the same time as it frightens.


8º – The Funhouse (Tobe Hooper, 1981)A group of teenagers decide to spend a night in a horror house at an amusement park without expecting the place to be sheltered by several bizarre individuals. ‘The Funhouse’ is a pearl of the horror of the 1980s, raising a sterner slope of teenage terror of the time. Its dynamic history and its unleashing of scares that really provoke effects in its spectator guarantee the success of the work.

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