10 Most Underrated Thriller Movies of the Last 50 Years

7º – Cold in July (Paul Schrader, 1997)All the social corruption in a small American city works to unite a father with a criminal in order to dismantle a murderous organisation. ‘Cold in July’ is a suspense that uses a more frenetic charge to govern each scene, always with the figure of a great script and direction to make everything work.


6º – The Sender (Roger Christian, 1982)After a frustrated suicide attempt, a mysterious and disturbed man is sent to a psychiatric clinic. In place, the man ends up attracting the attention of a doctor who finds in him something that goes beyond everything that the human being understands as normal. ‘The Sender’ is a completely forgotten pearl of the incredible 1980s. Its surprising plot and its direction that manages to create an atmosphere of irrecoverable terror set the perfect tone for the film’s unfolding.


5º – Identity (James Mangold, 2003)Several strangers meet in an isolated hotel during a major storm. When a mysterious killer begins to kill the guests of the place, it will be up to those strangers to join forces to solve the case. ‘Identity’ is a good suspense with little touches of terror. Its well worked and complex plot manages to entertain the viewer in the search for the assassin’s secret identity.


4º – Wolf (Mike Nichols, 1994)After being attacked by a wolf, a middle-aged man has his life completely changed, suffering constant mutations that put everyone around him at risk. Now, it is up to the man to try to hide this from everyone, especially from his co-workers. Little known, ‘Wolf’ is a film that deserved much more recognition. Its different theme, bringing a subject that traditionally is part of the terror to the classic suspense, with always dynamic scene constructions and an excellent performance of Jack Nicholson leading the central character.

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