50 Iconic Movies That Will Make You Love Everything About Life

15º – Blind Date (Blake Edwards, 1987)Wrapped in a dull routine of work, a man decides to accept a blind date proposed by a member of his family. But his company turns out to be a completely dysfunctional woman, causing a lot of confusion in your life. Dynamic in its subsidiaries, the film combines comedy and adventure, bringing a story that can engage your viewer and cause many laughs. The film also features a central pair of unusual actors for the genre, with the presence of the great Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger.


14º – Throw Momma from the Train (Danny DeVito, 1987)Tired of your little pleasant companies, two men end up combining to eliminate these people a life of another. However, things turn out of control of men, resulting in a series of exacerbated events in their lives. ‘Throw Momma from the Train’ alternates between positive and negative moments, reaching its point of highest quality in hilarious partnership between Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal.


13º – The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson, 2001)We will monitor the day the turbulent days of a dysfunctional family, understanding a little about the exaggerated behavior of each of its members. Pearl Wes Anderson, the film works with a most melancholy form of humor, bringing characters who always seek an inaccessible figure of happiness. A hell of a movie, counting also with a flawless cast, with appearances from the likes of Bill Murray, Ben Stiller, Anjelica Huston, Danny Glover, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow and fabulous Gene Hackman.


12º – The Philadelphia Story (George Cukor, 1940)A wedding senior members of society arouses the interest of a newspaper, which sends two journalists and former husband of the woman who is getting married to cover the event. ‘Philadelphia Story’ is flawless, bringing a clever plot by unpacking each meander of its central characters assertively. The fabulous cast of the film is also responsible for much of the success, with attendance of James Stewart, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.


11º – Shame (Steve McQueen, 2011)In the plot, we will explore the degeneration of the life of a man in the thirties, with its compulsion to unbridled sex and their day to day empty. ‘Shame’ is hard on the viewer never making concessions to show pay life of an individual. Masterpiece of Steve McQueen, the film also features an erratic compendium of life after 30 years, focusing not only represented by its central character, also doing a study of his sister.

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