50 Iconic Movies That Will Make You Love Everything About Life

Walks with a very productive free time to watch movies? Yes? Then this list is for you. We have listed 50 films ideal for you maratonar and forget the problems of life. Walking through the various genres of the seventh art, we brought a little of everything, with films ranging from themes and messages transmitted to the viewer, with the single point of full communion the intrinsic quality of each work. Let the list!


50º – Mary and Max (Adam Elliot, 2009)The film explores the friendship between an old man and a little girl, both located in a lonely and dull routine. Nurturing a melancholy aura to the development of the plot events, the work is sweet and soft, bringing little pleasurable components of human life in a beautiful, almost poetic.


49º – Gloria (Sebastián Lelio, 2013)A woman in their 50s, divorced, embarks on a journey behind substance in your life, attending parties, romantic encounters and physical activities. ‘Gloria’ is a film that is part of a context little explored by the film, bringing the life of a woman in a period of maturity, questioning also some social destructive arcs.


48º – Trees Lounge (Steve Buscemi, 1996)In the plot, an unemployed man spends most of his time in a bar and hanging around the small town where he lives, thinking about the instances that comprise your life and your current situation. Directed, scripted and performed by the great Steve Buscemi, ‘Meeting Point’ is an unpretentious work studying the most basic social bonds found in a traditional society, showing, even as small elements of our daily life are essential for a quality life.


47º – Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995)The film explores the lives of two friends, a manager of a casino and the other member of the Mafia, showing all the destructive compendium comprising the journey of both in the world. Masterpiece of Martin Scorsese, ‘Casino’ is untouchable, using its 178 minutes long to dismember every nuance about the life of his characters.


46º – The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers, 1998)After your home invaded by two criminals by mistake, a completely maladjusted middle-aged man decides to go after the person who those individuals sought for him reimburse him for the damage, stepping into an unprecedented confusion. Belonging to the movies of the Coen brothers ‘The Big Lebowski’ works with a plot permeated by different nuances, altering every outdated scene, delivering as a final result, a great movie. The central character of the command, Jeff Bridges manages the performance of his career, getting to be hilarious to each plan in which it is exposed.

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