10 Worst Things Ross Has Done During ‘Friends’


2º – Ross Said the Name of Another Woman at the Moment of One of His MarriagesYes, believe me, even that our dear Ross did. Poor Emily, who had to, in her country, full of her relatives, see the name Rachel appear in Ross’ mouth instead of hers. A hilarious moment, of course, but which ended up leaving the woman in a complete state of rage, something that a short time later would decree the end of another Ross’ marriage.


1º – Ross Dated a Student While Occupying the Position of Professor at a UniversityOccupying the position of professor at a university, Ross ended up meeting one of his students and quickly created an affective bond with her, generating a great problem since this type of relationship was against the guidelines of the place. In other words, Ross had to keep his relationship hidden from the rest of the college, compromising his credibility.