10 Worst Things Chandler Has Done During ‘Friends’

7º – Chandler Broke a Pact with Ross and “Stole” a College GirlThis time Chandler tried to ruin his friendship with Ross by breaking a pact and stealing Ross’ girl in college. The worst thing here was that the case was only revealed more than a decade after it happened, leaving Ross perplexed.


6º – Chandler Dated Rachel’s Boss, Creating a Bad Work EnvironmentEverything goes well for Rachel in her dream job. Well, that is until Chandler shows up at his job and seduces his boss. We don’t even need to talk about the confusion that this generated for Rachel when her boss falls in love with him and Chandler thinks about ending the relationship.


5º – Chandler Slept During Joey’s Greatest Movie PremiereJoey becomes the star of a great production and hopes to leave his difficult days behind. For the opening event of the film, Joey only has one ticket to distribute to his friends, having to make a difficult choice. And who does he choose? Yes, Chandler! The problem is that Chandler decides to sleep during the execution of the movie, even snoring, showing a complete lack of respect with his best friend’s career.


4º – Chandler Lost Ross’ Baby in a BusLet’s not forget this tragic chapter in Chandler’s story, when he and Joey forget Ross’ baby son inside a bus, letting the baby circulate the city alone. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and the boys were able to get the lost child back.

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