10 Worst Things Chandler Has Done During ‘Friends’

Today we will bring ten reasons that prove that Chandler is a sociopath. Nurturing a more uncompromising charge, this list will talk about one of the most beloved characters of the Friends series, our dear Chandler. Below are several doubtful events that the character has done during the ten years of the series. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Chandler Tried to Runaway from His WeddingWe started our list with our dear Chandler trying to escape from his wedding, leaving Monica on the same day of the ceremony and leaving only a small note informing his incomprehensible act. Monica’s luck and ours is that a fake pregnancy and Ross’ karate made the guy change his mind and go to the ceremony.


9º – Chandler Stole Joey’s GirlfriendWe will begin the series of unthinkable acts committed by Chandler against his best friend, our dear Joey. At the time, Joey was happy and satisfied with his new and beautiful girlfriend, not to mention that his best friend was secretly falling in love with the girl. Summing up the story, Chandler ends up kissing the girl, with everything coming up the next day, making the biggest mess between friends. Fortunately Joey is a forgiving man, as we’ll see below, and continued with his friendship.


8º – Chandler Hurt Several Times His Relationship with JaniceTaking advantage of a person with serious affective problems, Chandler reacts and ends up with our dear Janice insistently, leaving her sad and emotionally shaken. On one occasion the individual ended the relationship with him in the middle of a New Year’s party. My God…

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