10 Really Really Bad Movies That Will Insult Your Intelligence


9º – Blade (Stephen Norrington, 1998)A mysterious man embarks on a real crusade hunting the vampires that are tormenting his city. In the course of his journey, the man – who is also half vampire – will get a sketch of the worst in the world. ‘Blade’ has a positive start, with an action scene inside a ballad that impresses and amuses. However, this is the only event that pleases those who watch it. Its ridiculous and flawless plot makes it impossible for the spectator to take the slightest amount of seriousness. As if it wasn’t enough, the direction of the film (with the exception of the first scene mentioned above) borders on the unacceptable.


8º – Close (Vicky Jewson, 2019)In this original work by Netflix, we will see the adventures of a bodyguard in another work that seems normal, but that hides a malicious plan with a financial bias. Horrorous from the first to the last scene, ‘Close’ is a real insult to the viewer. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is saved here. The plot, direction and cast are in their worst form, not even the presence of the good actress Noomi Rapace saves.

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