10 Really Funny no-thinking Movies To Make You Laugh Hard

7º – Old School (Todd Phillips, 2003)Aiming to relive the happy days of their youth, three middle-aged friends decide to open a university fraternity, gathering the most diverse confusions. Using a simpler humor, appreciating the physical situations of comedy, ‘Old School’ is an amusing film, with a nostalgic atmosphere.


6º – Bridget Jones’s Diary (Sharon Maguire, 2001)A young misfit has the romance of his dreams when his handsome boss is attracted to her. However, this novel will be intense and will bring positive and negative elements to her, not to mention the appearance of a third person who will stir up the situation. An iconic romantic comedy, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ is incredible from the first scene to the last, bringing a lightweight story, irresistible characters and a cast at an inspired moment, with presences of Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.


5º – Scrooged (Richard Donner, 1988)A successful middle-aged man has to deal with the need to alter his erratic behavior about the world when he is visited by strange types of ghosts on Christmas Eve. Directed by the great Richard Donner, ‘Scrooged’ is a good film that fulfills his central proposal and, besides, holds itself as a great option for Christmas entertainment.


4º – Charlie’s Angels (Elizabeth Banks, 2019)In this new version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, the girls will face a mission that threatens life on earth. Nurturing good times and bad, the film is for that day when we are not willing to think too much and only want simple entertainment. A film that ends up worthwhile for its unpretentiousness.

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