10 Netflix Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

3º – Calibre (Matt Palmer, 2018)Two men, in their 30s, decide to remember pleasurable things about their friendship in the past, going to a small town to practice hunting. The problem is that a terrible accident linked to mere chance and local truculence will leave them both in an extreme and disturbing situation. ‘Calibre’ certainly doesn’t have all the recognition it should have. Its dense, cadenced and, of course, quite intelligent story completely holds the viewer’s attention to the unfolding of each scene fragment. A work that shows a little about the rotten core of the human being in the world and, also, about the sometimes tragic figure of simple chance.


2º – Cam (Daniel Goldhaber, 2018)In the plot, a camgirl, obsessed with growing in popularity in her profession, has her life completely changed when a person exactly like her starts to assume her identity on the internet. Little by little losing all the life she had built, the girl starts to investigate more about the reason for all that, only discovering that the truth was perhaps heavier than she thought. ‘Cam’ delivers an atmosphere of madness and unique strangeness to the spectator, leading us through an uncomfortable plot about the current social paths in the midst of the inexorable advance of technology.


1º – Private Life (Tamara Jenkins, 2018)A middle-aged couple incessantly seeks a possible pregnancy. However, as time advances, the couple begins to see their chances gradually diminish. Without much hope, they decide to enter into a different method that will change the whole family. Working with a theme extremely little addressed in the seventh art, ‘Private Life’ gropes between drama and comedy, showing a little of the search of several people for the figure of a son and how this influences in an overwhelming way their daily lives.