10 Movies You Should Watch If You Like Martin Scorsese

We’ve listed ten perfect films for those who love filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Below, you’ll find films that bring many of the most common precepts to Scorsese’s cinema, but which, of course, were not directed by him. They are works of the genres of crime, drama and suspense, raising several epochs, always with untouchable plots and that fascinate the spectator. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – Hardcore (Paul Schrader, 1979)After his daughter mysteriously disappears, a father begins a search for answers on the case, only to discover the rotten side of humanity. A hidden pearl of the seventh art, ‘Hardcore’ manages to expose a concise and dynamic story, working to investigate the most rustic meanders that comprise the world. A thriller mixed with drama that will certainly hold his attention.

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