10 Movies With the Most Powerful Female Performances of All Time


5º – Story of Women (Claude Chabrol, 1988) – Isabelle HuppertAllocated to France by the Nazis, in World War II, the film tells the hard story of a woman who has to deal with the upbringing of her children, an absent husband and, still, the figure of feminine repression at the time: ‘Story of Women’ is a masterpiece of cinema, bringing a powerful story about the implications of a destructive social model in the lives of the most diverse individuals. Here, we still have one of the greatest female performances in the history of cinema, propitiated by the fantastic Isabelle Huppert.


4º – Cries & Whispers (Ingmar Bergman, 1972) – Liv UllmannWhen a woman finds herself in the final stretch of her life, condemned by cancer, it will be up to her two sisters to give her some comfort in the midst of pain. However, their presence will only exacerbate the suffering of all those exposed there. ‘Cries & Whispers’ is a film that changes the way the spectator sees the world. Everything contained there is of an impressive perfection. There are many scenes that literally shiver us for their intense substance, such as, for example, the monologue of Erland Josephson’s character in relation to one of the sisters under the figure of a mirror or the moment when the characters of Liv Ullmann and Ingrid Thulin embark on a discussion about the constitution of the family relationship between the two. Finally, there are several incredible moments in this film. One of the greatest works ever conceived in cinema.

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